ECHA Is Adding HFPO-DA to the REACH SVHC List


In the July update of the SVHC List, ECHA will be adding 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoro-2-(heptafluoropropoxy)propionic acid, its salts and its acyl halides (covering any of their individual isomers and combinations thereof.

The substances are used as processing aids for producing fluoro-polymers with many applications, such as fluoropolymer resins, wire cables and coatings.

HFPO-DA has a high potential to cause effects in wildlife and in humans through the environment due to its very high persistence, mobility in water, potential for long-range transport, accumulation in plants and observed effects on human health and the environment. Furthermore, the lack of known natural removal of HFPO-DA once released, leading to a continuous presence in water and resulting in the continuous bioavailability of these substances. Also, there is the potential expected exposure through the food chain and drinking water, as well as difficulties to remediate polluted media and remove HFPO-DA from drinking water.

ECHA will include the newly identified SVHCs in the Candidate List by mid-July 2019. ​
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